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Generic drugs are preferred by both doctors and patients in the US. Generic vardenafil is as effective as brand-name Levitra but costs up to 94% cheaper. When looking for a reliable generic medication, the customers are recommended to choose the products of either FDA-approved manufacturers or major international pharma companies.

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Choosing between brand-name and Generic Levitra

According to survey data, over 80% Americans prefer generic drugs over brand ones and over 85% of all prescriptions issued by doctors are for unbranded generics. After Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ patent for Levitra had expired in 2018, generic vardenafil also became available to patients with erectile dysfunction.

Only up to 13% respondents in the US believe that generic drugs are inferior to brand names in terms of effectiveness and safety. A 2017 study by a group of Canadian scientists suggested that generics were more likely to cause unwanted side effects. This point of view was countered by David A. Alter and the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, among others, who showed that the study was based on imperfect evidence.

In order to be approved for release into the market, generic medications must be bioequivalent to the original drug. This means that up to 20% variation is allowed but, according to Dr. Niteesh K. Choudhry of Harvard Medical School, the average showing is much lower at 4%. This is in line with the results of the 2019 bioequivalence study carried out in Germany. It was proven that a Levitra generic by Actavis Ltd. was bioequivalent to Bayer’s Levitra at over 96%.

Generic vardenafil is cheaper than Levitra. According to PharmacyChecker, one pill of the brand-name medication costs at least $9.84 online while the generic sells for $0.61 a pill.

It is important to choose the products of reliable manufacturers when shopping for generic Levitra online. One safe option is to go for FDA-approved medications. These include vardenafil by Teva Pharms, Macleods Pharms Ltd, Alembic Pharms Ltd, Zydus Pharms and Crossmedika SA. The FDA recommends to use vardenafil from these manufacturers only or buy original Levitra.

Customers can also consider purchasing vardenafil from other large pharma companies like Ajanta Pharma, Actavis, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Mylan, etc. When looking at vardenafil from other manufacturers, it’s recommended to analyze the information about them in detail prior to buying.

A correctly chosen generic for Levitra will be as effective and safe as the original drug and much cheaper but choosing a reliable manufacturer and vendor is vital.


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